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Our mission is to foster enduring and prosperous relationships between you and your new horse. To achieve this, it is crucial for clients to be transparent about their abilities, covering riding, handling, and the overall care of the horse. Open and honest communication ensures a successful partnership and the well-being of both you and your equine companion.

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A ~ 5,000 -10,000
B ~ 10,000 -15,000
C ~ 15,000 -20,000
D ~ 20,000 - 25,000
E ~ 25,000 - 30,000
F ~ 30,000 +

Available Horses

FEIF ID: IS2011181765
US Reg No: US2011105574
Born: June, 15, 2011
Color: Blue Dun 
Sex: Gelding 
Sire: Már frá Feti    
Dam: Dama frá Meiri - Tungu 3

FEIF ID: IS2003157807
Born: June 15, 2003
Color: Faded black
Sire: Hróður frá Refsstöðum
Dam: Gletting frá Varmalæk

FEIF ID: US2009105143
Born: May 18, 2009
Color: Black / white pinto
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Tjaldur frá Hólum
Dam: Folda frá Svanavatni

Spaði frá Meiri-Tungu 3

Glói frá Varmalæk 1

Örn from Icelandics Creations 

Location USA 
Price Catagory (C)

Location USA 
Price Catagory (A)

Location USA 

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• Spaði is a five-gaited natural tolter.
• He possesses five smooth and ground-covering gaits, with Tölt being his preferred one.
• Well-versed in basic dressage exercises, Spaði has also been introduced to bridleless riding.
• A sure-footed horse, he exhibits excellent stamina suitable for both arena schooling and trails.
• Spaði is an ideal choice for riders seeking a luxurious companion to grow with.
• He demonstrates the stamina and focus required for success in clinic and schooling settings, as well as low to intermediate level competition classes.
• Originally born, raised, and trained in Iceland, Spaði was imported in 2020 and has continued his education under Alicia.
• Beyond his impressive skills, Spaði stands out for his striking appearance and possesses a gentle, kind, and friendly personality.

• Örn is a 5-gaited gelding showing all gaits.
• Limited training for his age.
• Despite never unseating Alicia, his naughty or unpredictable habit is to randomly jump and or run.  He is easily stopped but this is very frustrating behavior. 
• Due to his naughty moments, he is not recommended for individuals who are not confident and well balanced.
• Örn has been serving as a pasture pet for years, enjoying attention from children, and exhibits good ground manners.
• We are now seeking a good home on behalf on his current owner, all offers will be considered. 

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